I love tv

flea market

made a little trip to the flea market today
and found these treasures for only 5.50 €
a plant holder, a blouse and a kimono
and also a little wooden display shelf that needed some fresh paint
pics to follow


new desk from the VTWONENcollection for children,
I bet I can make this myself
after I finished all my other DIY projects..

today was a good day

finally the sun came out,
so the boys got to run around with their bikes,
played in the mud, found some treasures
and had the time of their lives
whilst we tried to figure out which handlebars would be the best on the bike,
great to see how everything is coming together
and I'm so damn proud that hubby built this bike all by himself
P.S: these pictures don't do the bike any justice


few weeks ago we had our own stand at the fleamarket
never again
it does require a special kind of people/talent to sell your own junk to strangers
anyway, we had a laugh, earned some money and came home with some more crap